Trees, leaves and other wonders of the natural world have also found a home in my quilts.

Lupines The Exquisite Sensitivity of Time Lilies of the Valley Descended From the Stars
Milkweed, No. 1 Milkweed, No. 2 She persisted in her quest to reach the shore and sing the anthem of the sea Autumn on Blueberry Lane
Amaryllis Blackberries Lilies Brook and Branches
Koi Autumn Borealis Earth and Turquoise Nautilus
Dogwood::Dawn Teasel What Secrets Does the Forest Hold? Red Sea Nautilus
Fields of Gold Pictures of Hope:  The Bitterroot New England Autumn White Flower
Maple Winds Autumn Gold Autumn Study Seagrass
Sunset Trees Bird of Paradise If the Wind Were Colors, My Dreams Would Be the Wind