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Cherry Blossoms on the Night Wind


Cherry Blossoms on the Night Wind


After a long drought induced by a too hectic life coupled with the world's unease after nearly 2 years of COVID and the pandemic, I finally found/made time to create.  As a Janome Artisan for over 18 years, I was honored when Janome America asked me to make an art quilt for them for the early 2022 advertising and media.  I had free reign, but was encouraged to include the variable zigzag if I could.  I love it so much that I will be utilizing it again.  You can see my video about "how I did that" on youtube here for the fast version, and soon a longer video will be uploaded.  

Years ago, my mother lived in a retirment community that had blossoming trees along the main walkway from the dining hall to her apartment.  The pink blossoms would cascade down and carpet the walkway and they simply enchanted me.  After making a "Modern" pieced quilt in grays and hot pink, I wondered about an art quilt in the pale pink of the blossoms against a dark night sky.  Luckily the early 2022 Janome mood board included those shades!  

Size:  22 1/4" x 42 1/4"

In the Janome America Collection.