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The Wind Swirls the Winter In


The Wind Swirls the Winter In


When I made Cherry Blossoms on the Night Wind, I knew I wanted to make another similar quilt for a gray winter's day.  There is a line in a song recorded by Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy, The Dutchman, that talks about a man whose mind isn't quite all there, and it talks about how his wife Margaret cares for him as the wind swirls the winter in.  This artwork is my second piece to honor the very old apple tree along our driveway.  It is easily 50 years old, and in the 11 years we have lived here, several of its major branches have died.  This and The Old Apple Tree are based on photos taken five years ago.  I simply love the architecture of the branches.  

Materials:  Artist-dyed and commercial cottons, fusible (adhesive) web, wool blend batting, polyester thread, stabilizer, textile paint, artist-made thermofax screens.  

Techniques:  fused collage, painting, screen printing, machine quilting.

Size:  21" tall x 42 3/4" wide

$ 2,400.00