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New England Autumn


New England Autumn


This quilt was made for the Wish You Were Here traveling exhibit organized by the Association of Pacific Northwest Quilters ( Participants were asked to make a quilt 24 x 36 inches which could be a postcard. I wanted to share the joy in the brilliant autumn colors, that crisp snap to the air that first arrives in October.

Part of the fun of this challenge was making the back of the quilt look like a postcard for the "Wish You Were Here" theme.  I had already decided on this format for the back when the label, provided by the APNQ, arrived, so I added a "stamp" just like on the label.  See the detail images to see the reverse.

The quilt toured the US between 2004-2006, then was auctioned for the benefit of the APNQ at their biennial show in August 2006 in Seattle.

24x36 inches; made in 2004.
Exhibited at the Pacific Northwest Quilt Festival, Seattle, 2004, and other venues.