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Aeolia Anemoi


Aeolia Anemoi


There is only one thing stronger than the wind.  They said his name was Aiolos, the divine keeper of the winds and King of Aiolia. No one believed it could be a woman, but it is I, goddess of rain and snow and summer breezes and mother of the Anemoi--the four winds.  As any mother knows, sometimes your sons don’t listen, but always I can settle them down.  They return home to love me and the land we protect and nurture.  I am Aeolia Anemoi.

Sculptural work is a departure for me, and I can see more of it in my future.  This piece hangs from a wood frame painted a sky blue that is 40 x 12 inches.  It hangs down about 36" from the frame, but eye hooks on the top allow it to be hung at a suitable distance from the ceiling for its best presentation in one's space.  The fine lines you see against the dark blue backdrop are clear fishing line and laregely disappear from view depending on surroundings and direction of the lighting.  

Materials:  Styrofoam form, batting, artist-dyed and commercial cottons, thread, wire, matte gel medium, fishing line (and for the structural support wood and paint).  

$ 1,600.00