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Milkweed, No. 1


Milkweed, No. 1


For a number of years now I've been enchanted by the bizarre appearance of the milkweed pod.  The wild flower is unassuming, a rather drab mauve.  But the peculiar branching nature of the subsequent seedpod and the glorious seeds themselves, borne on wisps of silk, entrance me.  They white silks are so soft, and just the slightest breeze will catch and float the seeds across acres to land in their new homes.  To some gardeners, they are invasive weeds to be yanked.  I wait for their autumn beauty!

Materials and Techniques:  Artist-dyed and commercial cottons, wool-poly blend batting, polyester thread, textile paint, Mistyfuse adhesive web.  Hand-dyeing, collage, stenciling, screen-printing, free-motion quilting. 

Size:  30 inches tall by 41 inches wide.


Judges' Choice Award, Road to Caifornia 2017, Terry Brookshier (thank you!)

In the Frank Klein Collection.