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Harvest Moon Rabbit


Harvest Moon Rabbit


For some reason I keep returning to quilts set in the night.  Rabbits also have been a favorite since I feel in love with El Conejito Travieso (The Naughty Rabbit) by Richard Scarry as a little girl living in Argentina.  I loved his complex illustrations of rabbits in their homes (which looked like a typical neighborhood house).  I will confess I was probably well into my 20s when I realized that Richard Scarry was not a Hispanic name and the book was probably not written originally in the Spanish!  But I could certainly relate, as a child, to the naught bit!

In this work, we have a hungry rabbit gearing up for the coming winter, eating grains fallen in the field on a night with a sparkling crescent moon.  This piece uses my signature techniques: hand-dyeing, painting, stenciling, screen-printing, fused collage and lots of quilting.

SOLD.   In the Frank Klein collection.

Completed in 2020.  

Size 20" square.