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Driving down a back road in Maine to visit a friend, I was mulling over a quilt I needed to make for an exhibit at the Lowell Quilt Museum.  I had already been juried in and needed to make a piece 30" wide by 50" tall, exactly.  The ideas I had worked in a horizontal format, but nothing was really coalescing for a vertical orientation and I was unhappy with trying to force things to fit.  On the way south, fields and roadsides were awash with blooms in early June of the wild lupine.  I realized they would fit with my recent work celebrating my adopted home state and would be much better suited to the size restrictions.  

Immediately I set to work dyeing fabric for this piece.  Especially, I wanted a blurry background the way a shallow depth of field reads in a photograph.  I was delighted at the results of my dyeing experiments (I only had to over-dye to increase the saturation of the sky).  I also tried a new technique in the lupine petals, painting on interfacing which would not ravel. Alas, it took nearly 11 days of cutting petals every evening to have enough, but the results were worth it.


Size:  30" wide by 50" tall.

Price:  Sale pending