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The Exquisite Sensitivity of Time


The Exquisite Sensitivity of Time


Time is not a river. It is an endless cycle of growth and dormancy, of memories and mist, of day and night. Time is color, each band marks a day. Time is collective memory is time, flowing endlessly into and out of consciousness.

A call for entry for a three-dimensional exhibit spurred me to make my first true 3-D textile art piece.  Each strip of cloth was cut 24 centimetres long by 1 inch wide, with 365 strips to make the endless loop of time. y  When I began, quite unusually for me, I had NO idea what final shape this ribbon of time would take.   At first I thought of a Mobius strip which is a loop with a twist, but the 365" circumference of the loop and challenges displaying a twisted loop convinced me to remove the twist.   I decided to add wire the the bottom edge which I could then shape.  This mean I needed to sew it to the bottom:  let me tell you, wrangling 30 feet of wire was a challenge I would prefer to avoid in the future.  I've learned a lot about 3-D construction, and now have some ideas about how to approach similar installation pieces in the future:  smaller units that velcro or otherwise attach or hang independently is at the top of the list

Completed February 2019

Size:  variable, but the footprint is approximately 36 x 72 inches, with a height of 5-7 inches.

Materials:  artist-dyed and commercial cottons, batting, wire.