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I Love, Therefore I Am


I Love, Therefore I Am


Anyone who has ever shared life with a pug knows the truth of the title for this portrait of our beloved pug, Pigwidgeon.  Officially he is our younger son's dog, a birthday present in third grade.  Now that Eli is nearly finished with college, though, I get custody!  

Widgeon is named for Ron Weasley's owl in the Harry Potter books.  His  portrait is the first in the series of "critter" quilts that I made in the summer of 2019. I posted a photo on Facebook, and my friend Rachel Parris said "that is the best picture you've ever taken of him."   How could I NOT turn it into a quilt?   He is my muse, my love, my companion. I made these to help Janome America celebrate and showcase what can be done on their brilliant machines.  I appreciate their sponsorship since 2003--yes, I'm affiliated but I would say all the good things I say about Janome if I had paid full MSRP! 

I used the same set of fabrics for all of three quilts--Boo, Yoda and I Love, though clearly this quilt has a wider range of hues.  I repeated the blue batik that is in the background of the cats' quilts for cohesiveness, in this case in Widgeon's face.  My blurb for I Love, Therefore I Am reads:

Yoda, the love of my life, tells me that Mom has done a good job on my portrait.  Mom and I were sitting on the porch in late Spring even though it wasn’t quite yet warm enough, so I snuggled under the blanket and kept her company (and warm) one afternoon.  I don’t see or hear very well any more, but Yoda tells me the picture shows how much I love everyone in the whole universe, especially him, my boy, Mom, the rest of my family, and well, the whole world.  (Pigwidgeon is a 12 year-old industrial-sized pug.)

Size:  20 by 20 inches.

Materials:  artist dyed and commercial cottons, screen printing with original screens and textile paint, wool blend and cotton battings, Mistyfuse adhesive web, polyester thread.

In the collection of the Smith Family.