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Boo, J.D.


Boo, J.D.


Boo's portrait is the third in the series of "critter" quilts that I made in the summer of 2019.  In case you haven't read about Widgeon's (I Love, Therefore I Am) and Yoda's (His Immensitude, Yoda, Emperor of Minions and All He Surveys) quilts, I made these to help Janome America celebrate and showcase what can be done on their brilliant machines.  I appreciate their sponsorship since 2003--yes, I'm affiliated but I would say all the good things I say about Janome if I had paid full MSRP!

After making the quilts of Yoda and Widgeon, Paul--my husband--said "you should make one of Boo."  Boo is his Very Special Cat.  Paul never asks me to make a quilt.  So, my self-portrait was gleefully ditched in favor of Boo.  He is a Turkish Van (our first ever not-shelter cat) and is a hellion of a kitten.  At 11 months now, he is also Very Large And Getting Larger.  Ahem.  He will be 14-18 pounds as a lean adult male.  Yikes!  And yes, he has one blue eye and one green (Paul says it is amber but it sure looks green to me!) Here's his blurb:

Emperor Yoda! Hah!  What does he know?  And why do they call me the Juvenile Delinquent?  Can’t they see that I am going to be KING of this realm?  I am young, I am strong, I speak, I jump, I am growing into being the largest and strongest in the realm, not like that tub of lard who is rightfully dubbed His Immensitude.  Stay away from my kibble, tubbo.  The humans love my chirpy voice and sleek, silky fur!  Now I will deign to let my human pet me and feed me my favorite wet food and pet me more.  All others, including the ostensible Chief Minion, be forwarned:  you are subject to attack!  (Boo is a 10-month old Turkish Van.)

Boo is now older and bigger.  And still a delinquent LOL!

Size 20 x 20" square.  

Materials:  artist dyed and commercial cottons, screen printing with original screens and textile paint, wool blend and cotton battings, Mistyfuse adhesive web, polyester thread.

In the collection of the Smith Family.