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When Will We Learn?

When Will We Learn?


When I heard the call for an exhibit about genocide, immediately images of the mountains of skulls from the Cambodian Genocide of the 1970s came to mind:  piles upon piles of bone, bleached white, separated from the bodies.  The idea of cloth printed with anonymous skulls had barely formed when the lyrics of Blowin’ in the Wind came to mind:  when will we learn?  when will peace come?  

The front is the bones and hope; the red back symbolizes the lifeblood lost and lists genocides throughout history from the Abigensian Crusade to present day. 

Throughout history, the grayed, bleached bones of both “victor” and vanquished become anonymous and the same in death; they are testament to the collosal waste of human life.  When will compassion and understanding triumph over greed and hate? 

$ 3,400.00