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Mr. Wiggles Does the Circle Dance


Mr. Wiggles Does the Circle Dance

Our pug, Pigwidgeon, will come put his feet up on your leg when he is hungry or needs to go out.  When you ask, “are you hungry?” he does the circle dance, his dance of joy.  He will hop a bit, then turn joyously in counter-clockwise circles, wagging his curly tail.  Then he'll dart behind you and gently bump-push your legs with his sweet, smooshed-in pug snout so that you'll hurry up.  While you fill the bowl, he prances impatiently until you ask him to sit before putting down the bowl. (And 37 seconds later the bowl is cleaned!)  He is also known as Widgeon, Pigwiggles, Mr. Wiggles, PugWonderful, Mr. Clickey-toes and more.  He brings joy to our lives and pretty much everyone who sees him.  As we walk him down the street, drivers passing by will spot him and break into a big grin.   He is joy incarnate! 

Size:  18" wide by 30" long.

Made for and juried in to Dare To Dance:  A celebration of Joy exhibit and book by Mary W. Kerr.  

Not for sale.