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His Immensitude, Yoda, Emperor of Minions and All He Surveys


His Immensitude, Yoda, Emperor of Minions and All He Surveys


When I began the Critter Quilts project I thought I would do my two follow-critters, Widgeon (above center) and Yoda (above left and below), as well as a self-portrait.  Then we added the third, our newest Minion of Mayhem, Boo (see their quilts in the People Gallery as well).   In case you haven't read about Widgeon's (I Love, Therefore I Am) and Boo's (Boo, J.D. standing for Juvenile Delinquent) quilts, I made these to help Janome America celebrate and showcase what can be done on their brilliant machines.  I appreciate their sponsorship since 2003--yes, I'm affiliated but I would say all the good things I say about Janome if I had paid full MSRP!

Yoda came to us via the local shelter in late 2016, a purebred Himalayan that some cretin abandoned.  He is HUGE.  A lot of it is fluff, but there is a substantial cat under the floofiness.  I wrote up a blurb for Janome about each portrait.  Here's Yoda's bit; I am the Chief Minion:

At last my superiority, dignity and rank have been recognized appropriately!  The Chief Minion has done an acceptable job at capturing my likeness and the essence of my wonderfulness.  I have given her permission to scritch my chin.   She has also captured the spirit of my Beloved, the Dog, who is my one true love.  For this, the Chief Minion may pet my tummy.  The Usurper shall be dealt with appropriately for thinking that he stands a chance—he is so foolish that he does not understand an Emperor always outranks a King.  I shall seek out my Beloved for his love, comfort and as a comrade in fur.   (Yoda is about 5 years old, Himalayan from the shelter.)

Size:  20 by 20 inches.

Materials:  artist dyed and commercial cottons, screen printing with original screens and textile paint, wool blend and cotton battings, Mistyfuse adhesive web, polyester thread.

In the collection of the Smith Family.