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Clothed in Color


Clothed in Color


Once again, I was fortunate to be invited to submit a quilt to a juried invitational curated by Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal, the Dinner@8 artists.  The 2011 exhibit theme was The Space Between. I knew what I wanted to do in a quilt, but wasn’t sure how it could fit the theme.  In chatting with Leslie by e-mail, she recognized that *I* was in the space between, the sandwiched generation handling the needs of both children and aging parent, not to mention spouse, work, family and all that.  I was indeed the one caught.

Finally, I would get to make a quilt that has been in my head for several years:  a (discreet) nearly-nude self-portrait using no skin tones–I am clothes quite literally with color.  Like artists in the days of old, I find that I am my own least expensive and readily available model, so I ended up as the subject because I wanted to do another portrait, following the ones I had done of our pug and our son, Joshua.  I had thought that perhaps Joshua would not appreciate being pink or blue or green, so the value-study portrait had to wait for this opportunity.

The Space Between debuted at the International Quilt Association Festival in Long Beach, California in 2011, and was also shown at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, that year. To see and learn more about this exhibit, please click here.

Size:  36 inches wide by 48 inches tall.

Price:  $2900.   Please use the Contact Me link above to inquire; I would prefer this sale to be direct and not through PayPal.

$ 2,900.00