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Can you imagine a teenage boy letting his mom sit on the floor of his room and take pictures for 45 straight minutes?  Well, it happened!  The result is this quilt, which I believe is the best piece I have made to date. 

2010 marked the first year the Dinner @ 8 Artists invited me to participate in their juried invitational exhibit, this year with the theme "Beneath the Surface."  I knew I wanted to do a portrait, so I thought "What is beneath the surface of a teenage boy?"  The answer: 

Some things are obvious:  music, food, girls, friends, food, school, food, girls, food.  Others are not so obvious:  the man he is becoming--kind, compassionate, interesting, fnny, breathing music in his soul, argumentative, loyal, smart, curious, honest, lovoing and loved.  "Mom?  Can you fix me something to eat?"

To read more about the exhibit, click here.  Thanks to our many sponsors!

I blogged about the process of making this quilt quite extensively, starting here and ending here.  There are a number of additional posts in the April 2010 archive (click on Blog, above, then look in the left side bar to select the April 2010 posts). 

This quilt and the exhibit debuted at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach 2010, continued to the IQF Houston 2010 and finally the IQF Chicago 2011.  My quilt was also juried in the to American Quilter's Society show in Lancaster 2012 and exhibited at the Frayed Edges show at the Camden (Maine) Public Library in July 2011 and at Maine Quilts 2012. 

Size:  36 x 48 inches.

In the Artist's Collection.