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Bedtime was made in response to the call for the third and final year of the I Remember Mama Exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. My mom's birthday kimono quilt--a photo memories quilt--was in year one. This year, I made two entries: this one, about my life as a mother, and Flying Toast, about my Gramma's kitchen. I'm thrilled to have been juried into this exhibit given the caliber of the other artists and quilts.

The quilt is a composite image of my youngest son's bedroom, using leftover blocks from his actual bedquilt (a Karen Stone pattern) and my hand-dyed cloth for the painted wood walls. The boy is a composite of both my sons features, and uses cut off legs from their shredded pajamas for the PJ's. The hair is made entirely of thread, constructed on water soluble stabilizer, then appliqued to the quilt surface, and the facial features are painted and stitched. After composing the center of the quilt, it told me it needed a border, so the wonky log cabin blocks seemed perfect.

Size: approx. 40x 52 inches.
In the artist's collection.

Touring with the I Remember Mama exhibit to the Fall 2005 International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX; the IQA show in Chicago, Spring 2006, Quilt Expo in Lyon, France, June 2006, and the New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, Massachusetts (2007).

Published in I Remember Mama, by Karey Bresenhan, 2005.