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Buoys #1 (Blue)


Buoys #1 (Blue)


Ask anyone in the United States what is the first they think of when thinking of Maine, and they'll say lobsters.   Lobster buoys are everywhere along the coast... bobbin in the water, tied to traps on the dock, piled in heaps in the yards of lobstermen.  This piece is a riff on the buoys; the ones in the original photo were an easily-seen red and orange-y yellow... a bit bright for most homes!  I wanted to do color studies using value -- light versus dark -- to render the close-up view of the buoys. 

The center quilted panel is 10x10 inches, mounted on commercial batik over stretcher bars.  The finished pieces are 16 x 16 inches, and one inch deep (fabric wraps cleanly to the back, which is clean finished and ready to hang).

In a private collection.