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Coastal Quilters Chapter Banner


Coastal Quilters Chapter Banner


A while back, at a board meeting of my local quilt guild chapter, Gail said "We should have a chapter banner, would anyone like to design one?" And with that, Gail looked right at me. Of course I jumped at the chance! The chapter members that participated in this quilt outdid themselves, doing better than their individual best for this group effort.

Gail Galloway-Nicholson, Jan Pitcairn and I made the central panel, with each of us designing our own contributions. Jan did the Lincolnville Beach Lobster Pound and Islesboro Ferry. Gail did the church, Belted Galloways and schooner. I did the rest. The top border was my doing, also.

The following guild members made these blocks (those who designed their own blocks are marked with an *asterisk), starting at the top left, and going across the bottom and back up the right side:

Rockport Opera House: Mathea Daunheimer
Children's Chapel at Vesper Hill: Roxanne Wells
Kayak: Leigh Smith
Seagull: Jeanne-Marie Robinson*
Oak Leaf: Polly Schuessler Buoys: Susan Coe*
Merryspring Gardens: Barbara Melchiskey
Fiddlehead Ferns: Sarah Ann Smith
Belted Galloway at Aldermere Farm: Gail Galloway-Nicholson*
Loon: Polly Schuessler
Lupine: Betty Johnson
Lobster: Janet Knapp
Lobster Trap: Susan Coe*
Sailboat: Isabelle Davis
Andre the Seal, Rockport Harbor: Jeanne-Marie Robinson*
Elm Street School: Sarah Ann Smith
Bear's Paw: Nancy Connon
Cappy's Chowder House, Camden: Patty Courtney*
Maple Leaf: Beth Guiseley
Central panel:  Sarah Ann Smith, Gail Galloway-Nicholson, Jan Pitcairn
Hand finishing: Louisa Enright

I am so unbelievably proud of the work of all these women!

Size: 42 1/2" wide x 47 1/4" long. Completed May 2007.