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Lilies of the Valley


Lilies of the Valley


Every time I see my Lilies of the Valley I am reminded when a friend and her adult daughter, who grew up and lives in Germany, visited while they were in bloom some years back.  In German, they are called "Maiblumen," or May blooms.   I love that, I love their perfectly smooth seamless blossoms nodding gently in the breeze, I love how the leaves curl and wrap themselves around the blooms.  I love how in autumn the blooms become crimson and orange little fruits, a late season surprise.  

This quilt is being entered in several shows, but will be for sale and likely available by late 2019.  Please contact me if you are interested; I will take a deposit to hold it for you.

Size:  36 x 36 inches

Price:  $ 2800   see notes above and below on availability--

please do not click on the purchase now button, contact Sarah instead by email/the contact page. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Quilt is traveling and will not be available to ship to a purchaser until late 2019.  

Materials:  artist dyed cottons, a few commercial batiks, wool blend batting, polyester thread, a little textile paint and marker, cotton yarn (on edge only). 

$ 2,800.00