When visiting my mother we would often go to a restaurant called Insalata, housed in a building that had been a bank when I was a child.  The chef/owner met the challenge of the enormous ceilings by commissioning oversized artwork of fruits and vegetables scaled to fit the soaring walls.  I loved the persimmons, especially, and remembered it as I made another quilt in my tomatoes series.   As I worked on these salad ingredients, I recalled the flavors of our food and the company of my mother and her friends  as we lunched there. 

Materials:  Artist dyed and  painted fabrics, commercial batiks, poly-wool blend batting, textile paint, Mistyfuse,  crisp interfacing, Superior Threads 40-wt poly and 60-wt poly thread, raffia. 

Techniques:  Dyeing and painting fabric.  Fused collage.  Intensely machine quilted.

Available for sale through the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) store and Food for Thought Exhibit.  This artwork will travel through 2017, but is available for purchase now.  Purchase price is $3400, with a percentage going to support SAQA. 

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