Naiads debuted at the Latimer Textile Museum in Oregon as part of the "It's Good to Be Green" invitational exhibit.  What could be more "green" that the spirits that live in and protect our waters? 

The three water spirits are painted, then hand appliqued to the intensely quilted surface.  Their hair is "thread lace" made by free-motion embroidering with thread on a water-soluble base, and is then stitched to the quilt.  The water features sheer fabrics to give the illusion of moving water; my hand-dyed and monoprinted fabrics further that feeling.  The branches of the weeping willow hang free and will sway with the breeze from passersby. 

Published in the Studio Art Quilt Associates Journal, Spring 2009, Member Gallery: 3-Dimensional Quilts article (p. 20).

Size:  18 1/4 x 45 inches (49 including the longest branch).

Available for sale after December 2018.  $1900.

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