A Sense of Place: The Tree

A Sense of Place:  The Tree

Made for the FiberArts for A Cause Reverse Auction 2007, this quilt is made in memory of my father, Thomas Maleady; my half-brother Charles Maleady, and my friend Linda Macintosh Wauchope. Daddy survived his throat cancer (he had smoked cigars for 65 years, and quit overnight!), but Charlie and Linda were not so lucky. I miss them all.

Size: 20 x 28 inches.

In the Collection of Katherine McNeese, whom I wish to thank again for her incredible generosity in her donation to the American Cancer society for this quilt on Gold Donor Day, where quilts were available at premium pre-auction prices. For more information on the FFAC, please visit www.virginiaspiegel.com.

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