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Pele Sleeps


Pele Sleeps

In Marin County, California, (on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge) the original peoples, the Miwok, called the mountain that dominates that side of the entrance to the San Francisco Bay "Tamalpais" and said it was a woman lying on her back asleep. With that in mind, I designed this quilt to showcase fabric from Princess Mirah Designs for Bali Fabrics, Inc. "Pele Sleeps" is actually two quilts: the island (on top) and the ocean (the background). Pele is the mountain (four times), the sun, and the moon (in one of the Pele stories she and hubby/lover have a snit and she decamps to the moon to get away from him). The second, "back" quilt is quite simple-the ocean---background with wavy strips of cloth raw-edge appliquŽd as the ripples on the ocean. For the island, instead of the traditional Hawaiian-style design based on a 45 degree wedge, folded and cut like a paper snowflake design, Pele sleeping repeats in each quarter of the island, facing the same way in each section.

54 x 40 inches; completed April 2004. Cottons, silk, beads.

Exhibited at: The World Quilt and Textile Show, Grand Rapids, MI and Manchester, NH, August 2004, and Quilt Hawaii '05, Maui, Hawaii, July 2005.

$ 1,400.00