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Words --> Power --> Action


Words --> Power --> Action


As our mothers told us, words are powerful. Over the past two years, the election cycle, the results, and the first year of the current Presidency, have changed me.  Legions of us have changed. Our political climate has made me angry and galvanized me to take action (I’m now an elected Selectman for my tiny town) and speak out.  Words and quotations, both easily read and in the background emphasize this new call to action.  The quotes begin with one from the Declaration and end with our Founding Father’s dictum “out of Many, One.”  The background quotes from Presidents Obama and Roosevelt are legible, but require effort, like our democracy—even if they appear faded, they remain important.  The edges of the work are raw and frayed, like our nerves and emotions.  But overall, in the power of these words is the optimism they express that finally enough people are mobilizing to make a change that will endure. 

To read more about this quilt, please visit this blogpost.  


40 wide x 54 tall

©2018 Sarah Ann Smith

Price:  $2500.  For sale.

$ 2,500.00