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From the Schooner Coast


From the Schooner Coast


Astonishingly, I came up with a new idea for our local Coastal Quilters quilt guild challenge for 2011:  the Grocery Challenge! Participants were to select a packaged item from the grocery store (in other words, not fresh fruit, bread, etc.) and make a 20 1/2 inch square quilt that used at least four colors from the labeling (all colors if there were fewer than that on the package) AND use one motif (or more) from the packaging in some way.  For example, if one selected tabasco sauce, you could use the red, green, white and black, and you could quilt chile peppers or use chile pepper fabric in the quilt.   

I selected Samuel Adams Ale, which has a woodblock-look view of a New England harbor with a sailing ship in the harbor.  I modified the scene to become Camden Harbor, since the one on the Ale packaging looks more like Wiscasset (which is a lovely town, but not home!).  The captain of the Grace Bailey gave permission for me to model my schooner after the Grace Bailey, based on a photograph on that ship's website. 

Juried into AQS Paducah in April 2012 and the LaConner Quilt Museum Quilt Show October 2012.


Size:  20 1/2 by 20 1/2 inches.

In the Artist's Collection.