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When the Burning Moons Paint the Garden, #2


When the Burning Moons Paint the Garden, #2


The second of a pair of quilts:

A circle of my hand-dyed fabric sparked the paired small quilts about the protea blossoms under three moons orbiting above them.  Think of them like a sci-fi novel about a planet with multiple moons, or as the progress of the moon across a night sky.  

Artist-dyed and commercial cottons, archival fusible web, wool felt backing.  Ready to hang.  

The detail image shows both pieces, each is purchased separately.

April 2024


Please contact Sarah for availability.  Price is $795 for both When the Burning Moons... #1 and #2

Price includes flat rate shipping in the US or a credit of $25 toward tracked international shipping.  If you are interested in this piece and live outside the US, please contact me to arrange a quote for shipping and an invoice--don't use the paypal link on this page.  Thanks!