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Journals 2005, March


Journals 2005, March


The outpouring of concern and support following hubby's heart attack and open heart surgery (he is fine now, thanks to the miracle of modern medicine!) was incredible. Among the messages, two had ideas that resonated. Kevin K. keeps a prayer wall at home...a place on the wall where he tacks notes of folks he wants to remember and send good thoughts. Jacquie S. told me she'd spin the cyber prayer wheel for us.

That led to this month's journal: a Tibetan hand-held prayer wheel with (in gold foiling) the Tibetan script for the mantra, Om Mani Padme Hum. Then, I strung "Tibetan Prayer Flags" across the quilt. As the year progressed, as someone needed prayers and good thoughts, I would add their name to the list and share a jpeg of this journal. Before sending it off to Houston, I added all the folks along the Gulf Coast who suffered from this year's hurricanes, and for all the folks on the quiltart list.

I'll miss the February and March journals as they travel, but want to share with everyone who sees them what a wonderful community can exist, even if it is in cyber-space. Thanks to list-mom Judy Smith for creating and maintaining the quiltart list, and to the (literally) thousands of talented quilters who are a part of it.